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The Life of Jesus
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by David Friedrich Strauss
                                         The Life of Jesus
by Friedrich

Jesus' Proclamation of
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by Johannes Weiss

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The Interpretation of John
Edited by John Ashton

List Price: $14.00
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Paperback - 182 pp
ISBN 0-8006-1774-6
Fortress Press



Introduction: The Problem of John
- John Ashton

1. The History of Religions Background of the Prologue to the Gospel of John (1923)
- Rudolf Bultmann

2. The Prologue of John (1964)
- Paul Lamarche

3. The Truth in Saint John (1963)
- Ignance De La Potterie

4. God's Agent in the Fourth Gospel (1968)
- Peder Borgen

5. Towards the Interpretation of John's Gospel: A Discussion of The Testament of Jesus by Ernst Käsemann (1968)
- Günther Bornkamm

6. Source Criticism and Religionsgeschichte in the Fourth Gospel (1970)
- J. Louis Martyn

7. The Johannine Church and History (1962)
- Nils Alstrup Dahl

8. The Man from Heaven in Johannine Sectarianism
- Wayne A. Meeks


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