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Jesus and His Adversaries: The Form and Function of the Conflict Stories in the Synoptic Tradition
by Arland J. Hultgren
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Paperback - 223 pp
ISBN 0806617179
Augsburg Publishing House


Although the conflict stories occupy a large portion of the synoptic Gospels, they have received surprisingly little attention.  This book is the first in English devoted entirely to these stories.

Dr. Hultgren has shown that the conflict stories were formulated at various stages in the history of the synoptic tradition.  The process of formation had its beginning in the Palestinian church which used them for apologetic purposes.  The conflict stories in the Hellenistic church have a different setting.  They are catechetical, serving the needs of teaching converts and regulating the life of the community.

What is distinctive about all the conflict stories, however, is their constant reference to Jesus - his words, attitude, and conduct - by whom it was claimed God's gracious call to the kingdom was realized among his children.

Editorial Review

This work will be welcomed by the scholarly community and by all who are interested in the study of the Gospels, in Christian origins, in the quest for the historical Jesus, and in the history of early Christian thought.

Reginald H. Fuller
From the Forward

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