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A Master of Surprise: Mark Interpreted
by Donald H. Juel

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Most Gospel scholarship has created an audience for the story that is 
uninterested in the question of God.  To be sure, even when
soteriology of Christology is pursued, the reality of God is often
excluded from the imagination of the interpreters.

One of the great surprises of engagement with Mark's Gospel,
according to Donald Juel, may be the discovery that God will not be
excluded--that the tearing of the heavens and the temple curtain may
result in an irreparable breach in the reader's defenses against the 
actualpresence that the narrative mediates.

Not another methods book, Juel probes selected texts from Mark in
order to discern the world in front of the text.  His goal is to close the
distance between the present reader and the first readers without
abandoning historical study--literature has degrees of functionality. 
To accomplish this, Juel has broadened the insights of rhetorical
analysis to include the whole interpretive enterprise.


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