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Israel's Love Affair with God:
Song of Songs
by Jacob Neusner
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Paperback - 132 pp
ISBN 1-56338-052-8
Trinity Press International


This book opens the door to the reading of a classic text, Song of Songs Rabbah.  The text represents a compilation of exegesis of the biblical book, Song of Songs, augmenting and clarifying its meaning.  In a addition, the book:

  • Enables a direct and immediate encounter between the reader and the ancient reader.
  • Affords access to a religious experience born in the same scripture that today's Judaism and Christianity value as God's word.
  • Shows how the love poetry of the biblical book is turned into an expression of Israel's intense devotion to God.

Any understanding of the religious experience afforded by Judaism must begin in the pages of this remarkable and affecting statement of the formative age of Judaism.

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