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The Old Testament:
An Introduction
by Rolf Rendtorff
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Cloth - 308 pp
ISBN 0-8006-07050-3
Fortress Press


Rolf Rendtorff uses a novel and integrated approach to produce an 'introduction' in three parts.  In part 1 he sketches a history of Israel, beginning with the biblical text, and in reference to extrabiblical materials.  In Part 2 he attempts to reconstruct the life and institutions of Israel, discussing items such as law, the cult, kingship, prophecy, and political institutions.  Throughout he proceeds our from the biblical record, dramatically unfolding a picture of the great number of genres contained in the Old Testament.  In Part 3 he interprets the present shape of each of the biblical books, with many cross references to the first two parts, this presenting a more wholistic approach than is generally found.  Rendtorff subscribes to the critical approach, and his own views on the origin of the Pentateuch represent a kind of fragmentary hypothesis.  Buy in this book, he places very heavy emphasis on the theological editing that led to the canonical form of the text.

Editorial Comments

Rendtorff has produces an excellent critical introduction to the Old Testament which will rank with the classic German introductions of the last generation (Eissfeldt, Fohrer). . . . This introduction will serve as a leading work in the field for years to come.  The different methodological approaches make it a significant advance over many other introduction.  The author's writing style and the clarity of organization make his book a very useful tool.

Robert Gnuse
The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

I consider this to be a distinguished contribution to the study of the Old Testament literature. . . . It provides an up-to-date discussion of the new approaches to Pentateuchal questions, as well as illuminating discussion of many of the other literary issues.

Peter R. Ackroyd
University of London
King's College

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