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The Jews in Luke-Acts
by Jack T. Sanders
List Price: Paperback $25.00

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Paperback - 410 pp
ISBN 0800619692
Fortress Press

From Author's Preface

The bulk of this study is divided into two parts . . . The first attempts to clarify Luke's portrayal of various groups: the Jewish leaders, Jerusalem, the Jewish people, the Pharisees, and the outcasts and other peripheral elements in Jewish society.  This is necessary in order to understand the overall portrait, but it may not entirely clarify that portrait.  To be sure the overall portrait is made clear, the systematic analysis proceeds, 'commentary-like', through Luke-Acts, tracing the interplay of the various themes discussed in part one . . . I have, in fact, often thought of this study as a single-issue commentary with a long introduction; the length of the 'commentary' reveals with that a prominent issue in Luke-Acts we are here dealing.  One may also hope that Part Two will give this work a more enduring value for the future student of Luke-Acts, who may want information about how Luke portrays the Jews in one or another passage of his two-volume work.

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